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Directional drilling is also known as installation for utilities and sewers, is a means of drilling underneath the ground at the proper angle to prevent obstructions such as landscapes, pavement or sidewalks from being ruined along the way. This process usually involves just a small hole to connect the specific utility with the current structure or specified destination. The rest will take place below surface. That way, the bore will not harm the surrounding areas. 

Directional Drilling is the preferred method of installing pipes into the ground. This type of drilling causes the least amount of environmental disturbance possible and allows you to reach areas which otherwise would be too difficult to access.

We can tackle your next project cheaper, more efficiently, and with less impact than traditional methods.

Benefits Of Directional Drilling:

  • Significantly reduces the construction time because there is no excavation time
  • Protects the land above (historic landmarks, scenery, etc.)
  • Does not require excavation or trenching which can be a noisy, messy process
  • Less of an impact on the sites surrounding the construction
  • Does not require road closure or traffic redirection or cause other disturbances to outside areas
  • Long-term cost reduced for settlements associated with piping
  • Minimal disruption to all other services around the construction area

Typical Directional Drilling & Boring Services:

  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Electrical Lines
  • Driveway Sleeves
  • Telecommunications Conduit
  • Drain Lines
  • Underground Utilities

We can put just about anything into the ground!

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